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Our sincere condolences to the family of Erica Botley Lancour who died Sunday, August 15, 2016.

Our hearts go out to Erica and her family and we pray that our message will continue to spread so that no other family has to suffer the pain of loss due to drug addition.

You can help us SPEAK UP  with your contributions as per Erica’s family’s wishes: Make a donation






Our 5th annual 5k was a huge success. Thanks to all that participated and volunteered! We look forward to seeing you next year.

Tyler's Light 5K

Tyler's Light 5K

Tyler's Light 5K

Tyler's Light 5K

Tyler's Light 5k

Tyler's Light 5K

Tyler's Light

Tyler's Light 5K

Tyler's Light 5K

Tyler's Light 5K

Tyler's Light 5K

Re-Enroll your Kroger Community Rewards

It’s time to re-enroll for the new year of Kroger Community Rewards. Please re-enroll in the month of April in order to continue contributing to your organization through the May 1st 2016 to April 30th 2017 year.

 To re-enroll or sign up simply go to
Step 1. Sign in using your email and password*
Step 2. Click on enroll ( if you’ve enrolled before, just verify the information.  If you are enrolling for the first time, our organization is TYLERS LIGHT and our Organization number is: 71614 ).
Step 3. Click on re-enroll – ITS THAT EASY!
* If you are having an issue with your password and or email address please call 1-800-KROGERS, press 5 for customer service, press 5 to speak to a customer service representative.

Kroger Rewards Program

All you need is a grocery list, a minute to fill out an online form, TYLERS LIGHT NPO #71614 and a Kroger Plus Card. Once your card is registered, Kroger will donate 5% of the value of your purchases to TYLERS LIGHT! This WILL NOT affect your gas discounts. Be sure to have your Kroger Plus Card handy. If you use your phone number at the register when you shop, call 877-576-7587 to get your associated Kroger Plus Card number. If you do not yet have a Kroger Plus Card, they are available at the customer service desk at any Kroger store.

    1.  Go to krogercommunityrewards.com to register online.
    2.  Click on ‘Sign In/Register’
    3.  If you are a new online customer, click on ‘SIGN UP TODAY’ in the ‘New Customer?’ box. If you already have an account, login and proceed to step #7, below.
    4. Enter your zip code, click on your favorite store, enter your email address, create a password, and agree to the terms & conditions.
    5.  Next check your email inbox and click on the link within the body of the message.
    6.  Click on ‘My Account’ and enter your email address/password to the account you created in step #3.
    7.  Click on ‘Edit Kroger Community Rewards information & enter your Kroger Plus Card #.
    8. Update or confirm the information.

Enter the NPO number 71614 (This Number is specifically linked to the TYLERS LIGHT), select organization from list and click on confirm. Please verify enrollment, you will see TYLERS LIGHT listed on the right side of your info page.


To equip our communities and our nation with information and resources to help people choose a drug-free life, while providing resources for family members and/or friends who are involved in the battle against addiction.


Our Vision for Tyler’s Light is to become the benchmark drug prevention, awareness and support to reduce the loss of life due to drug addiction.

After attending a Tyler’s Light presentation, 85% of students say they’re more likely to speak up and help someone.

Request a presentation for your school, corporation, church or organization today!
  • We can not always assure you that we can accomodate your date request due to scheduling.
    These are approximate times. Our scheduler will work with you to determine exact timing.

About Tyler

about-tyler1 Tyler was a loving and kind young man who was dedicated to his family and friends.
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Tylerslight Wesite terms of use

This webiste and all other Tylerslight social media outlets are intended for use as by individuals and families in need of drug awareness and education. We do our best to provide current and accurate information. We strive to be responsive to email, contact form requests, Facebook and Twitter posts however, we do not staff and monitor these utilities 24×7. If your situation is urgent, we always recommend contacting your local emergency authorities or call 911. Please read our terms of use here. Your use of Tylerslight digital media outlets is your consent to our terms.